A top New York Post editor settles her discrimination lawsuit against the tabloid.

A former top New York Post editor has settled her discrimination case against the newspaper and a former editor in chief, who she had accused of sexually harassing her and retaliating against her when she reported him.

Michelle Gotthelf, who was fired from her job as The Post’s digital editor in chief in January, filed the lawsuit that month. In a joint statement on Tuesday, the Post and Ms. Gotthelf said that they had “amicably resolved” the lawsuit and it would be withdrawn against all parties.

No terms of the settlement were disclosed.

In her complaint, Ms. Gotthelf said that Col Allan, the Post’s editor in chief for many years and a top lieutenant of Rupert Murdoch, the Post’s owner, had harassed her and propositioned her for sex. Ms. Gotthelf said she had alerted executives at the company about Mr. Allan’s behavior and felt she was then sidelined.

Mr. Allan retired from the tabloid in 2016. After spending some time in his native Australia, he returned to The Post in 2019 as an adviser.

Ms. Gotthelf also named the Post’s current editor in chief, Keith Poole, in her complaint and said that he had fired her without cause two months after she told him about her experiences with Mr. Allan.

The agreement to settle the lawsuit came after a month of discussions between Ms. Gotthelf and the newspaper, according to a spokeswoman.

In a statement on Tuesday, Ms. Gotthelf said she was proud of her contributions at The Post.

“The Post is in good hands with Keith Poole at the helm,” she said.

Mr. Poole added in a statement that Ms. Gotthelf’s “skills as an editor and reporter were crucial in helping The Post reach its present stature, and we wish her the best of luck in her future endeavors.”

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