Tadhana Showcases Filipino Cuisine With a 16-Course Tasting Menu

Inday serves fast-casual Indian American fare, Summer at the Rink Rock Center provides al fresco dining and more restaurant news.

Sweetgreen Is Introducing Steak. What About Its Climate Goals?

The fast-casual chain aims to be climate neutral by 2027, but beef is a big contributor to climate change.

Crispy, Speedy, Over the Top

Respectively: mushroom smash burgers; pantry-friendly baked salmon; seis leches cake.

A Chinese Restaurant Is Winning the Kendrick Lamar-Drake Beef

New Ho King, open since 1976 in Toronto, has become an unlikely pop-culture battleground after being featured in songs from…

Locks of Beethoven’s Hair Offer New Clues to the Mystery of His Deafness

Using powerful technologies, scientists found staggering amounts of lead and other toxic substances in the composer’s hair that may have…

Study Suggests Genetics as a Cause, Not Just a Risk, for Some Alzheimers

People with two copies of the gene variant APOE4 are almost certain to get Alzheimer’s, say researchers, who proposed a…

A Trillion Cicadas, They’re What’s for Dinner

For enthusiasts of edible bugs, this year’s emergence presents an opportunity to cook up these noisy lobsters of the trees.

Sweet Tea-Brined Roast Chicken for Sunday Supper

With horseradish-Cheddar tuna melts and vegan tantanmen for the coming week.

First Patient Begins Newly Approved Sickle Cell Gene Therapy

A 12-year-old boy in the Washington, D.C., area faces months of procedures to remedy his disease. “I want to be…

Widening Racial Disparities Underlie Rise in Child Deaths in the U.S.

New research finds that the death rate among Black youths soared by 37 percent, and among Native American youths by…

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