A.L.S. Drug Relyvrio Fails Clinical Trial and May Be Withdrawn From the Market

Leaders of the treatment’s manufacturer, Amylyx, said they would announce their plans for it within eight weeks.

Female Genital Cutting Continues to Increase Worldwide

Campaigns in some countries have reduced the practice, but it remains widespread in those with high rates of population growth.

A Chicken Stew With Mayan Roots

The modern version of jocón incorporates Mayan techniques and ingredients, as well as Spanish components.

Breakfast Pasta for Dinner (or Dinner Pasta for Breakfast)

Ali Slagle’s new carbonara-leaning skillet pasta with bacon and eggs is a quick and easy meal for any time of…

Weeks of Stress, Confusion for I.V.F. Patients in Alabama

Many suffered setbacks after the state supreme court ruled that frozen embryos were children. “Someone else’s opinion changed my future,”…

F.D.A. Urges Recall of Cinnamon Brands Tainted by Lead

The agency tested 75 types of cinnamon after hundreds of children were poisoned by the spice in applesauce. It found…

Top Senators Urge Stores to Stop Selling Illicit Vapes

Lawmakers want shopkeepers to remove e-cigarettes that were not authorized by the F.D.A. Retailers say it is not that simple.

One Twin Was Hurt, the Other Was Not. Their Adult Mental Health Diverged.

A large study of “discordant twins,” in which only one suffered abuse or neglect, adds to evidence linking childhood trauma…

After 217 Covid Vaccines, Man Had No Side Effects and Robust Immunity

Media accounts of a German man’s extreme vaccination history spurred researchers to analyze his immune responses.

Alabama Bill to Protect I.V.F. Will Reopen Clinics but Curb Patient Rights

Here’s what to know about the legislation, which the state legislature is expected to approve overwhelmingly on Wednesday.

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