New Mutations Identified in Bird Flu Virus

A genetic analysis sheds light on when the outbreak began, how the virus spread and where it may be going.

Thousands Believe Covid Vaccines Harmed Them. Is Anyone Listening?

Within minutes of getting the Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 vaccine, Michelle Zimmerman felt pain racing from her left arm up…

What Is ‘Queer Food’? A Conference Explores (and Tastes) Some Answers.

When Sasha DuBose uses the word “queer” to talk about food, it’s a verb, not an adjective. To Ms. DuBose,…

This Pie Maximizes the Best Part of Spanakopita

A welcome addition to the Greek Orthodox table at Easter, striftopites get their extra-satisfying bite from a high phyllo-to-filling ratio.

How to Make an Easy Picnic That Transports You to France

A pepper-crusted flank steak and French potato salad anchor this summery menu from David Tanis.

Chicken katsu, weeknight rescue

Kay Chun’s recipe cleverly shallow-fries the cutlets so they emerge golden and crispy, ready for rice, tonkatsu sauce and a…

Pasteurized Dairy Foods Free of Live Bird Flu, Federal Tests Confirm

But the scope of the outbreak among cattle remains uncertain, and little human testing has been done.

Senators Slam UnitedHealth’s C.E.O. Over Cyberattack

Several lawmakers questioned whether the company had become so large — with tentacles in every aspect of the nation’s medical…

Aspirin Can Prevent a Deadly Pregnancy Complication. Why Aren’t Women Told?

Women at risk for extreme high blood pressure should take a daily baby aspirin. But their doctors don’t always tell…

I Let TikTok Tell Me Where to Eat. Here’s What I Learned.

A food editor documents the high, the low and the mid from a week’s worth of influencer restaurant suggestions.

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