Judge John Hodgman on the Pajama Catchphrase

Sanjay writes: My wife recently purchased some comfortable soft pajamas. Whenever we return home from an outing, she immediately runs to our bedroom only to emerge seconds later in her pajamas, announcing: “We be jammin’!” I have two issues: 1) Pajamas should only be worn to bed, and 2) her pajamas shouldn’t have a catchphrase. Could you rule that she stop both?

Marriage is hard. But two great consolations guaranteed in the contract are these: 1) The right to dress down, be comfortable and, indeed, be so vulnerable in front of another human that no goofball pun is off limits; 2) the right to experience joy. Especially in your pajamas. I am sorry you are unfamiliar with these terms of your agreement. Please revisit the paperwork. Take your time. The rest of us will just be jammin’ over here.

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