New York City’s Easter Parade, Where Spring’s in Full Bloom

New York City welcomed a hint of spring, with a bit of warm sun that turned this year’s Easter Parade and Bonnet Festival into a rousing success.

Fifth Avenue was filled with magnificent hat wearers, sauntering up and down 5th Avenue with charm and excitement that rivaled children who might be scouring parks for Easter egg hunts. A recurring cast of milliners and costumed spectators trading nods with the more casual participants — who found creative ways to create their own grand impressions — was a particular delight to see.

The colorful flow of her hat (center) was as lovely as her help with a friend’s outfit.

Some parade goers’s outfits harkened back to another age.
It’s not Fifth Avenue without a perfectly placed shawl.
A profile to show off that stunning splash of red hair.
Don’t lose your hat! A sea of Easter fashion in front of St. Patrick’s Cathedral.
Soft paisley and a basket for those found Easter eggs.
It was unclear whose job it was to protect the treats.
A pup tired out from all the excitement.
Another splendid example that proves leopard print really does go with everything.
A fascinator, but as glasses!
Spotted: a fancy wicker bunny in the crowd.
This spectrum of violet was almost royal.
Baking up the goods in an array of flavors.
Spring anyone? This flower on white ensemble was the perfect introduction to the season.
What mysteries lay inside this egg?
Outfits that summon the look of a certain chocolatier.
A fan of the carousel showed up.
Easter in every shade.
White gloves on one person, black on the other brought a touch of synergy to these two.
Pointy bunny ears in front, lace and floral in back.
It was easy to find little bursts of joy throughout the parade.
More than just coordinating, couples were leveling up to synchronization.
The way these gloves matched the handbag was a serious consideration.
Some brought messages of their own to the parade.
Wondering if the puppet may need its own hat.
A constellation of beige.
This golden look had faces every which way.
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