Was Trump Benefiting From Being Out of the News?

His liabilities weren’t dominating the conversation the way they once did, perhaps helping his polling, but the trial could change…


A Quiet Sunday Night in Syracuse, and Then a Deadly Ambush

A routine traffic stop led to the deaths of a police officer and a sheriff’s deputy in a shooting outside…


‘We Are So Back’ Is So Back

The phrase has become ubiquitous online as a way to celebrate life’s small pleasures — at least until “we’re so…


Breaking the Ramadan Fast With Some of Brooklyn’s Newest Arrivals

New migrants from Africa have joined a changing community in Bedford-Stuyvesant, where they have injected more youthful energy but also…


Without Senators in Sight, Christine Blasey Ford Retells Her Story

Her lucid memoir, “One Way Back,” describes life before, during and after she testified that Brett Kavanaugh had sexually assaulted…


No, the SAT Isn’t Racist

That’s three down: Last week, Brown University reinstated standardized testing as a part of its admissions requirements, following Yale and…


Brown University Will Reinstate Standardized Tests for Admission

The school joins Yale, Dartmouth and M.I.T. in backtracking on “test optional” policies adopted during the pandemic.


‘Welsh Tidy Mouse’ Tidies Tiny Welsh House

For months, a mysterious helper was cleaning up the work bench in Rodney Holbrook’s shed every night. He caught the…


A Skeptic of the G.O.P.’s Hard Immigration Line Becomes Its Champion

Representative Tony Gonzales, who represents a Texas border district, drew a censure and primary opponents for defying his fellow Republicans…


Israel Plans to Withdraw Some Troops From Gaza

Reservists from at least two brigades will be sent home this week, and another three brigades will return to Israel…

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