There Is No TikTok in China, but There Is Douyin. Here’s What It Is.

ByteDance owns both TikTok and Douyin, and although TikTok has more users around the world, Douyin is the company’s cash…


A Trove of ByteDance Records Mistakenly Went Public. Here’s What They Say.

The records briefly surfaced in a lawsuit involving the Republican megadonor Jeff Yass’s firm.


How an Obscure Chinese Real Estate Start-Up Paved the Way to TikTok

Court records, mistakenly made public, tell a story about the birth of ByteDance, its bumpy road to success and the…


Driver’s Licenses, Addresses, Photos: Inside How TikTok Shares User Data

Employees of the Chinese-owned video app have regularly posted user information on a messaging and collaboration tool called Lark, according…


Ex-ByteDance Executive Accuses Company of ‘Lawlessness’

The former executive sued ByteDance, which owns TikTok, for wrongful termination and accused the company of lifting content from rivals…

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