Widening Racial Disparities Underlie Rise in Child Deaths in the U.S.

New research finds that the death rate among Black youths soared by 37 percent, and among Native American youths by…


Homelessness Is Especially Hard on Children. Making Music Helps.

“We’re going to be making a beat,” Dannyele Crawford said as the kids settled noisily into their seats at a…


Food Aid Program for Mothers and Children Will Provide More Fruits and Vegetables

The Agriculture Department updated the WIC program to more closely align with nutrition guidelines. The changes also reduce assistance for…


Judge Orders Timely Housing for Migrant Children Waiting at Border

The decision established that minors at open-air sites were in legal custody of the Department of Homeland Security and thus…


The First Flight of Their Lives: An Airlift After Agony in Gaza

Shaymaa Shady, 5, had her first amputation in January, after an explosion erupted by her family’s house in Gaza where…


Dozens of Children Abducted in Nigeria Have Been Released, Officials Say

The military of the West African nation, which is plagued by kidnappings largely driven by demands for ransom payments, said…


Smells Like Teen … Sandalwood?

Two musky steroids, and higher levels of odorous acids, distinguish the body odors of teens and tots, a new study…


What Really Causes Poor Performance in School

More from our inbox: Becoming a Republican to Vote Against TrumpCountering Propaganda From the Fossil Fuel IndustryCredit...Wayne Miller/MagnumTo the Editor:…


Severe Malnutrition in Young Children in Gaza Is Rising Fast, UNICEF Says

Children in the Gaza Strip are facing severe and rapidly worsening food deprivation, and an alarming number are suffering from…


Olga Murray, Who Changed the Lives of Children in Nepal, Dies at 98

Her foundation rescued thousands of girls and young women from bonded slavery and secured meals and schooling for impoverished children.

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