U.S. Antitrust Case Against Google Is Just the Start

As the Justice Department’s case against Google nears an end, the federal government has more suits in the pipeline trying…


N.Y.C. Schools Chief to Testify as Congress Expands Antisemitism Inquiry

A congressional committee that questioned college presidents about how they have handled protests over the Israel-Hamas war is now focusing…


Senate Leaders Look to Curb ‘Judge Shopping’ But In Different Ways

Senators Chuck Schumer and Mitch McConnell don’t think the federal judiciary is doing enough, and each is introducing a bill…


Get Tech Out of the Classroom Before It’s Too Late

Jaime Lewis noticed that her eighth-grade son’s grades were slipping several months ago. She suspected it was because he was…


An Effort to End ‘Judge-Shopping’ Turns Into a ‘Political Firestorm’

A policy meant to prevent plaintiffs from steering their cases to sympathetic judges has drawn widespread attention, with both Republicans…


Bragg Says Newly Disclosed Papers in Trump Case Contain Little of Value

A week after agreeing to a brief delay, Manhattan’s district attorney, Alvin L. Bragg, said his office’s criminal prosecution of…


Anticipating Cuts, Rural Schools Look to Upcoming N.Y. Budget With Dread

Gov. Kathy Hochul’s proposed budget would slash state aid for about half of all school districts in New York, but…


Democrats Pass a N.Y. House Map That Modestly Benefits Them

The News Democrats in New York adopted a new congressional map on Wednesday, using their supermajorities in the State Legislature…


Democrats Propose N.Y. Congressional Map With Slight Tilt in Their Favor

State lawmakers showed restraint in drawing new congressional lines, leaving the districts’ partisan makeup largely intact.


Anthony J. Alvarado, Former New York City Schools Chancellor, Dies at 81

He also turned two Manhattan districts into national models. But his tangled personal finances forced him to resign as the…

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