Deluge Batters U.A.E. and Oman, Killing at Least 20

A relentless deluge of rain battered the United Arab Emirates and Oman this week, killing at least 20 people, causing…


Heavy Rainfall Kills 18 in Oman as Dubai Airport Floods

The United Arab Emirates had its largest rainfall event in 75 years as a year’s worth of rain fell in…


Dubai’s Costly Water World

For a desert city, Dubai appears like a water wonderland. Visitors can scuba dive in the world’s deepest pool or…


‘Russia Outside Russia’: For Elite, Dubai Becomes a Wartime Harbor

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates — On an artificial island on the edge of the Persian Gulf, Dima Tutkov feels safe.…


Dubai Is the Newest Culinary Destination. Here’s a Taste.

In mid-September, on an artificial, palm tree-shaped island in the Persian Gulf, an avant-garde dinner service — “performance” is a…

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