Is ‘The Idea of You’ Harry Styles Fan Fiction? The Answer Is Complicated

The filmmakers do more to align star and character than the novel did. But somehow that doesn’t make the movie…


A Brief Guide to Who’s Who on Taylor Swift’s ‘Tortured Poets’

Ex-boyfriends may be alluded to. Travis Kelce, too, fans believe. And some actual poets.


The Liberation of Being a Fair-Weather Fan

Dumping your sports team sounds blasphemous. But sometimes you have to prioritize a different kind of loyalty.


Baseball Is Designed to Break Your Heart

The familiar emptiness hit me in the pit of my stomach. For the second time in five years my beloved…


Women Outnumber Men in South Korea’s Sports Stadiums

Experts say it has to do with stadium safety and the influence of K-pop fan culture.


Leaving Las Vegas to High Rollers, Some 49ers Fans Chose Reno

With sports betting illegal in California and daunting prices in the Super Bowl host city, some San Francisco fans embraced…


Amazon to Bring Warhammer 40,000 to the Screen, With Henry Cavill

Games Workshop announced this week that the popular tabletop game will come to television and film in a deal with…


Watching People Watch a Game. With 100,000 Friends.

Soccer fans are tuning out broadcasts in favor of watchalongs: streaming parties where you hear what you want to hear…


Fan Dies at Taylor Swift Concert in Rio’s Extreme Heat

Many fans fell sick at the show, where temperatures broke records and concertgoers complained of a lack of water. Saturday’s…


These Women Could Make New York Champions Again

The Mets are out. The Yankees are out. The Jets’ new star Aaron Rodgers’s poor tormented Achilles’ tendon is out.…

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