No Encampment, No Tents: Where Princeton’s Protest Found Its Gravity

After a sit-in and the occupation of a campus building, about a dozen demonstrators have turned to a hunger strike.


Inside Biden’s Broken Relationship With Muslim and Arab American Leaders

Even as the president piles new pressure on Israel to end the war in Gaza, those who have called most…


How Poor Tracking of Bird Flu Leaves Dairy Workers at Risk

Farmworkers have been exposed to milk infected with the bird flu virus. But there has been virtually no testing on…


What Kind of Husband Behaves Like Donald Trump?

Donald Trump sat silent, stone-faced and staring straight ahead as he listened to the intimate details in Stormy Daniels’s testimony…


The Oldest, Most Successful Party in Europe Is Headed for a Wipeout

At 3 a.m. one day last December, a 78-year-old volunteer for the British Conservative Party was reportedly woken by a…


The Campus Protests Signal the End of an Era for the Democrats

The colleges had a choice; in most places, they chose to escalate. At Indiana University, a police sniper was stationed…


G.M. Will Retire the Chevrolet Malibu to Make More Electric Cars

The gasoline-powered Malibu was the last affordable sedan sold by Chevrolet, the General Motors brand, in the United States.


Three Reasons the Campus Protests Are Part of the Problem

Readers have been asking me, and I have been asking myself of late, how I feel about the campus demonstrations…


How the New York City Chancellor Prepared for a Congressional Grilling

As David C. Banks prepares to testify about antisemitism in the New York City schools, he said he wasn’t intimidated…


How 360,000 Haitians Wound Up Living in Empty Lots and Crowded Schools

In a worsening humanitarian crisis, Haitians have been forced to flee their homes in the face of gang onslaughts, but…

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