A Dangerous Game Is Underway in Asia

This month, President Biden threw one of the most lavish state dinners in Washington’s recent memory. Celebrities and billionaires flocked…


Ushio Amagatsu, Japanese Dancer Who Popularized Butoh, Dies at 74

He brought worldwide attention to a radical yet elemental form of contemporary dance that emerged in the wake of wartime…


This Japanese Museum Actually Keeps Time

The Timepiece Museum has about 120 clocks of all shapes and sizes on display, out of a total of about…


China Feels Boxed In by the U.S. but Has Few Ways to Push Back

China seeks to project military power in the seas around its coastline, yet also faces pressure to mend relations with…


Akebono, First Foreign-Born Sumo Grand Champion, Dies at 54

Born in Hawaii, he moved to Japan in 1988 and won 11 grand championships. His success drove a resurgence in…


What Biden and Kishida Agreed To in Their Effort to Bolster Ties

As they look to contain an increasingly aggressive China, the United States and Japan announced dozens of new agreements, including…


Thursday Briefing: Japan’s Leader Visits Washington

Also, South Korean exit polls suggest a defeat for the president’s party.


How Japan Is Trying to Rebuild Its Chip Industry

Taiwan’s semiconductor giant, TSMC, is quickly remaking a farm town in Japan into Asia’s next hub of chip manufacturing with…


Documentary Filmmaker Explores Japan’s Rigorous Education Rituals

Her movies try to explain why Japan is the way it is, showing both the upsides and downsides of the…


In Kyoto, Five Hotels to Add to Your Travel Wish List

The city’s newest crop of hotels — from a luxury retreat on a historic estate to a 10-room inn surrounded…

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