Former White House Aide Returns to Stand in Trump’s Criminal Trial

The aide, Madeleine Westerhout, testified about a key Oval Office meeting between Donald J. Trump and Michael D. Cohen, his…


Jeffrey McConney, Trump Trial Witness, Helped Arrange Cohen’s Reimbursement

Jeffrey S. McConney worked as the corporate controller at the Trump Organization and, prosecutors say, helped arrange the reimbursement for…


Trump Is Financially Ruining the Republican Party

Donald Trump is someone you should think carefully about hitching your financial fortunes to. The guy is a gifted carnival…


My Dad Cut My Brother Out of His Will. Should I Secretly Split My Inheritance?

The magazine’s Ethicist columnist on whether to shield a sibling from a painful truth.


Heiress Seeks 50 Austrians to Give Away $27 Million

Marlene Engelhorn has sent invitations to 10,000 Austrians. Once that group is narrowed to 50, it will spend six weekends…


Ron DeSantis, Nikki Haley and Politically Obtuse Plutocrats

All Wall Street wants is a good hypocrite — someone who can convince the Republican base that he or she…


Now May Be the Time to Lock In High Interest Rates on Your Savings

Rates on C.D.s are the highest they’ve been in years. But the Fed is signaling that it may cut its…


No Oversight: Inside a Boom-Time Start-Up Fraud and Its Unraveling

False claims and risky trades at the Silicon Valley start-up HeadSpin were part of a pattern of trouble emerging at…


A Shock for Many Retirees: Social Security Benefits Can Be Taxed

When older Americans earn above a certain income level, they are often taken aback to find they owe federal income…


Germany, Roiled by a Court Ruling, Finally Has a Budget

The government avoided extra borrowing for 2024, but must make cuts in programs to address climate change.

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