‘Someone’s Going to End Up Dead’: Settlements Over Fatal Astroworld Concert

A trial had been set to hear evidence that organizers of a 2021 Travis Scott concert knew the crowd was…


A Supremely Comforting One-Pot Rice Dish

Perloo, a Lowcountry staple with roots in West Africa, is a great meal for a gathering.


‘Napoleon’ Review: A Lumpy, Grumpy Little Man

Joaquin Phoenix is oddly mesmerizing as the French emperor in Ridley Scott’s historical epic charting his rise and ruin.


‘Scott Pilgrim Takes Off,’ Almost

Not quite a reboot or a sequel, this anime series brings back the cast of the beloved “Scott Pilgrim” movie…


A Reclusive Horror Designer Pivoted From Religious Games

Before creating Five Nights at Freddy’s, whose jump scares will soon target moviegoers, Scott Cawthon was making indie video games…


This Southern Staple Is Pure Gold

Preparing fresh green beans may be a task, but it yields dividends in this dish.

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