$1.3 Million Homes in Anguilla

A solar-powered seafront villa, a three-bedroom house with gardens near Shoal Bay Beach, and a presale in a six-home development…


Bird Flu Is Infecting More Mammals. What Does That Mean for Us?

In her three decades of working with elephant seals, Dr. Marcela Uhart had never seen anything like the scene on…


Beut Takes a Modern Approach to Korean Royal Court Cuisine

Sawa brings Lebanese dishes to Park Slope, Brooklyn; Zaab Burger combines smash burgers and Thai flavors at Essex Market and…


A Seal’s Spray Adds a Chapter to the Science of Spitting

The observation suggests that seals join cobras, archerfish and other animals known to spit, although researchers can only speculate about…


Some of Washington’s Iconic Cherry Trees Are About to Disappear

The National Park Service plans to chop down 140 of the trees as it builds a new sea wall to…


Damage to Cables Under Red Sea Highlights Mideast Conflict’s Broader Threat

Mysterious damage to vital communications cables under the Red Sea has raised concerns about whether the conflict in the Middle…


The Fires Sweeping Across Texas Offer a Terrifying Warning

On Thursday, as flames from the Smokehouse Creek Fire raced eastward across the Texas Panhandle for the fourth straight day…


A Two-Ton Lifeguard That Saved a Young Pup

In an unlikely act of altruism observed two years ago, a male elephant seal prevented a younger animal from drowning.


Tesla and Volvo to pause production in Europe after Red Sea attacks.

Tesla and Volvo said their assembly lines in Europe would be suspended in coming weeks because of attacks in the…


Why a Port Deal Has the Horn of Africa on Edge

A landmark pact between Ethiopia and the breakaway region of Somaliland has drawn condemnation from Somalia. Other neighbors also worry…

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