Daimler Truck Workers in North Carolina Are Poised to Strike

A walkout by employees who make Freightliner trucks and Thomas Built buses would expand the U.A.W.’s campaigns in the South.


U.N. Official Says ‘Every Day Counts’ in Aid Efforts for Gaza

The U.N.’s top coordinator for humanitarian aid for Gaza has said that Israel has taken steps to improve the delivery…


Surprise: An ‘Extraterrestrial’ Gadget Was Something More Familiar

In 2014 a fireball from outer space was posited to be an alien artifact. A recent study suggests otherwise.


Witnesses Describe Seeing People Shot as Israeli Soldiers Fired Toward Crowds Surging Around Aid Convoy

They went out in the thousands, camping overnight along the coastal road in the cold Gaza night — making small…


‘Richard Scarry’s Cars and Trucks and Things That Go’ Turns 50

My wife was editing our teenager’s bedroom, hunting things to pass on to his younger cousins, or donate to Goodwill.…


Electrify All the Big, Noisy, Belching Trucks

This morning in Mott Haven, a neighborhood in the South Bronx, tens of thousands of New Yorkers — more than…


California Pushes Electric Trucks as the Future of Freight

Neri Diaz thought he was ready for a crucial juncture in California’s ambitious plans, closely watched in other states and…


How a Crisis in Truck Driving Could Change Life in Japan

It was dark when Daiki Funamizu pulled his truck into the market in Osaka, ending a 15-hour haul down Japan’s…


America’s Truckers Face a Chronic Headache: Finding Parking

Parking spots for trucks are in short supply around the country, and the problem can lead to unsafe situations for…


U.A.W. Workers at Mack Truck Go on Strike

The strike at the truck manufacturer by 4,000 members of the United Automobile Workers comes in the middle of the…

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