Adams Drops Some of His School Cuts in 3rd Fiscal Reversal This Week

Mayor Eric Adams said on Friday that he would reverse a portion of previously announced cuts to New York City’s education budget that would have slashed money for high-needs schools and reduced the hours of free summer programs.

The cuts being restored are part of a nearly $550 million reduction in school spending that Mr. Adams announced last fall amid a series of budget cuts across city agencies. The move caused an uproar among parents and prompted the teachers’ union to sue the city, arguing that the administration was breaking state law by reducing school spending in the middle of the year for political reasons.

The reversal was the third such about-face by the mayor this week. In announcing the broader budget cuts in November, he cited the financial strain caused by the arrival of tens of thousands of migrants from the southern border in recent months.

But Mr. Adams said this week that the city would restore some funding to the police, fire, parks and sanitation departments because of “better-than-anticipated tax revenue” and reduced costs for migrant care. Officials had previously estimated that housing and feeding migrants would cost $12 billion over three years, but they now say they expect to spend about 20 percent less than that, or about $9.6 billion.

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