AllianceBlock (ALBT Coin) is building a globally compatible and decentralized capital market. The AllianceBlock protocol aims to bridge the gap between traditional and decentralized finance. It is a decentralized blockchain solution that automates payment transactions between the bank and the decentralized market.

Working in partnership with cryptocurrencies such as Quant, Holo, Chainlik, Parsiq, API3 and Ocean, the project works with almost all decentralized projects to develop a new solution.

Investment banking will be one step ahead in the future. Derivative products, cryptocurrencies, crypto money portfolios compatible with the conventional market can be issued more quickly than almost any decentralized finance (DeFi) solution. Synthetic products, structured loans, derivatives, and static portfolios of cryptocurrencies can now be issued harmoniously. ALBT staking solutions are at a level that can affect the entire financial sector.

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