Ruben Gallego, Democratic Senate Candidate in Arizona, Raises $7.5 Million

Representative Ruben Gallego, the expected Democratic nominee for Senate in Arizona, raised $7.5 million in the first three months of the year, his campaign said on Tuesday, a significant sum for what is likely to be a competitive general election race in the battleground state.

The haul of campaign cash adds to a strong fund-raising cycle thus far for Mr. Gallego, a former Marine and progressive congressman whose candidacy will test how willing Arizonans are to elect a senator who is decidedly left of center. After decades of being a reliably Republican state, Arizona has elected a succession of Democrats to statewide office in recent years.

In November, Mr. Gallego, who has no major primary challengers, is likely to face Kari Lake, a former television anchor and close ally of former President Donald J. Trump. That contest will determine who will succeed Senator Kyrsten Sinema, who is not seeking re-election. Ms. Lake faces a primary challenger, Sheriff Mark Lamb of Pinal County, but leads him by a wide margin in polls.

So far, Mr. Gallego has raised more money than Ms. Lake, who has not yet released her most recent quarterly fund-raising numbers. Ms. Lake is a more recent entrant to the race than Mr. Gallego, who announced his run in January 2023. In the last quarter of 2023, his campaign raised $3.3 million, while hers netted $2.1 million.

Mr. Gallego’s most recent tally compares favorably with sums raised by Democratic incumbents such as Senator Sherrod Brown of Ohio ($6.6 million in the last three months of 2023) and Senator Jon Tester of Montana ($5.5 million in the same period), though it is difficult to compare fund-raising numbers across states.

His funding edge, if it continues, could allow him to flood the airwaves with advertising in a state that has a relatively expensive television market. Mr. Gallego’s campaign spent about $1 million on his first advertisement of the cycle, which began running in March. Ms. Lake, who also ran for governor in 2022, beat him to the airwaves, broadcasting her first ad in January.

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