2 mins ago

    Putin Takes a Ride in a Nuclear-Capable Bomber

    President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia appeared to be sending a pointed message to the West with his flight on…
    3 mins ago

    A Quarter of Smokers Quit Under Menthol Bans, Study Finds

    As public health groups pressure the Biden administration to impose a ban on menthol cigarettes, research suggests similar moves in…
    49 mins ago

    Eiffel Tower Is Closed for 4th Day as Its Workers Strike

    Unions accuse the company that manages the monument of pursuing financial policies that risk its well-being and worry that a…
    1 hour ago

    1974: 5 More Miners Hurt in South Africa Riots

    It was the latest outbreak of intertribal unrest at a gold mine in Free State. The situation was under control…
    1 hour ago

    Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Review: Apocalypse Later

    The pleasant distractions of a beautiful open world undermine core narratives about pain and sacrifice on a doomed planet.



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