2 mins ago

    The 19th-Century Cult That Gave Rise to an Incel Assassin

    Susan Wels’s “An Assassin in Utopia” links President Garfield’s killer to the atmosphere of free love and religious fervor that…
    14 mins ago

    Germany says it will allow the export of older Leopard 1 tanks to Ukraine.

    BERLIN — Germany has agreed to allow the export of its Leopard 1 battle tanks to Ukraine, a government spokesman…
    26 mins ago

    Ford Partners With Red Bull in Return to Formula One

    The automaker and the drinks manufacturer are joining forces on a high-powered team in the world’s most popular racing series.
    38 mins ago

    Ukraine Renews Threat to Boycott Olympics if Russians Compete

    Ukraine’s sports minister said his country was marshaling allies to press the International Olympic Committee to bar Russian and Belarusian…
    50 mins ago

    Why Chinese Companies Are Investing Billions in Mexico

    Bill Chan had never set foot anywhere in Mexico, let alone the lonely stretch of desert in the north of…



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