Easy Dinners to Clear Out the Condiments in Your Fridge

Hi! It’s Genevieve, filling in for Emily Weinstein this spring break week. This change in seasons means a mix of warming meals and lighter, fresher ones. It also inspires me to start spring cleaning.

When I’m in spring cleaning mode, I like to get my kitchen in order by finishing off as many condiments as I can. (And when I’m not doing that, I make sure I keep using them so they don’t become moldy and go to waste. Some of them are pricey!) It’s amazing what big flavors little jars of sauces and condiments can bring to a dish — and how much space they take up in the refrigerator. There are few things more satisfying than scraping out the last of that harissa paste or mustard and picking out the few remaining olives or chipotle chiles.

The easy dinners below make the most of tangy, savory and spicy flavor bombs, some of which even work in dessert. Gochujang in buttery caramel cookies? Absolutely.

Credit…Linda Xiao for The New York Times. Food Stylist: Monica Pierini.

1. Baked Tomato Pasta With Harissa and Halloumi

It’s still brisk enough where I live to crave baked pasta, and this one feels right for spring, with its shower of fresh dill on top. Hetty Lui McKinnon stirs harissa paste into marinara sauce for a spiced smokiness and suggests trying Sriracha or sambal oelek if you don’t have harissa on hand. I do, and it’s a mild one, so I’m adding whatever is left in the jar.

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