In Ecuador, Homes That Are Part of the Mountains

BEFORE THEY STARTED building Casa Pitaya, a country house on the rainy western slopes of the Ecuadorean Andes, the architects…


Ukraine’s Parliament Passes Bill Allowing Some Convicts to Serve in the Army

The measure, which must still be signed into law, echoes a practice used by Russia, which has drafted tens of…


Friday Briefing

Hamas considers a cease-fire.


They Used to Award Olympic Medals for Art?

During all of the years that the Olympics gave out medals in arts, not just athletics — and if you…


The Fed Tries to Steer Clear of Politics, But Election Year Is Making It Tough

Economists are wondering whether political developments could play into both the Fed’s near-term decisions and its long-term independence.


Israel Has a Choice to Make: Rafah or Riyadh

U.S. diplomacy to end the Gaza war and forge a new relationship with Saudi Arabia has been converging in recent…


A Dangerous Game Is Underway in Asia

This month, President Biden threw one of the most lavish state dinners in Washington’s recent memory. Celebrities and billionaires flocked…


Huw Edwards, a Top BBC Anchor, Resigns After 40 Years

Mr. Edwards had been off the air since July, when he was accused of paying for sexually explicit images, and…


Mike Johnson Steps Into His Power Even As He Might Lose It

On Saturday, the House of Representatives approved the most consequential legislation of this Congress, a foreign aid package for American…


Liz Cheney: The Supreme Court Should Rule Swiftly on Trump’s Immunity Claim

On Thursday, the U.S. Supreme Court will hear Donald Trump’s arguments that he is immune from prosecution for his efforts…

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