A Surprising Shadow Was Created by the Total Solar Eclipse

Viewers of last week’s solar eclipse were treated to stunning celestial phenomena up and down the event’s path during totality.…


Fjords, Pharaohs or Koalas? Time to Plan for Your Next Eclipse.

If you can’t get enough of totality, or missed out this time, you’ll have three more chances in the next…


Someday, Earth Will Have a Final Total Solar Eclipse

The moon will drift far enough from Earth that it no longer fully obstructs the sun. But predicting when this…


Tuesday Briefing

Eclipse day in North America.


A Moment of Unity, on Earth as in Space

Maybe it takes an extraterrestrial event to bring this shredded country together. For a phenomenon that traversed the country from…


Tuesday Briefing: A Total Solar Eclipse

Also, the Vatican said gender changes amount to an affront.


Here Comes the Solar Eclipse

A total eclipse will be visible in parts of New York State today. In the city, we can expect a…


Cities in the eclipse’s path are getting an economic ‘shot in the arm.’

A vast swath of North America will soon be plunged into darkness. Though momentary, the total solar eclipse on Monday…


My Faith Forbade Eclipse Gazing. Now It Inspires My Art.

As a child growing up in the Hare Krishna community in the United States, I was forbidden to be outside…


Anticipation and Anxiety Build Ahead of the Total Solar Eclipse

Across parts of the United States, Mexico and Canada, would-be eclipse-gazers are on the move for what could be a…

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