The Words That Have Defined This Week in Donald J. Trump’s Trial

Witnesses discussed the salacious and the banal, and the judge warned the defendant he could go to jail.


Trump Will Fight Attempts to Silence Him Before Key Witness Testifies

Justice Juan M. Merchan will hear arguments over whether the former president violated his gag order before The National Enquirer’s…


Trump Will Not Testify as Scheduled in Civil Fraud Trial

Donald J. Trump has changed his mind about returning to the witness stand on Monday to testify in his own…


How Cohen’s Testimony Sets the Stage for Trump’s Hush Money Trial

Michael D. Cohen, Donald J. Trump’s former fixer, was not an essential witness in Mr. Trump’s civil fraud trial this…


Sam Bankman-Fried Set to Testify at His Fraud Trial

The FTX founder’s plan to take the witness stand sets up a dramatic few days of testimony at the federal…


Judge Scolds Prosecution at Hearing on Conflicts in Trump Documents Case

Judge Aileen Cannon postponed a hearing on a government request involving a lawyer for one of the former president’s co-defendants.…


What Does It Mean to Be a Witness?

In his new story collection, Jamel Brinkley investigates the impact of seeing and being seen.


Proud Boys Seek to Subpoena Trump to Testify at Jan. 6 Sedition Trial

The attempt to force Donald J. Trump to testify is a long-shot move that is almost certain to be fought by…

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