Bill Granger, Chef Who Brought Avocado Toast to the World, Dies at 54

Bill Granger, a chef who combined an easy Australian manner with a talent for making simple food sing, selling the world on the infinite potential of breakfast, died on Christmas Day in London. He was 54.

His death, in a hospital, was announced on his Instagram page. The cause was not specified.

To many Australians, and particularly Sydneysiders, Mr. Granger was just Bill: the frontman, originator and head chef of a Sydney corner cafe called Bills that eventually expanded to nine outlets across three countries, as well as an offshoot, Granger & Co., with five locations in London.

His facility for food that was straightforward yet stunning propelled him onto television screens — his “Bill’s Food” and “Bill’s Holiday” were both on the air for multiple seasons — and bookshelves, making him a national treasure.

Though he wrote about a dozen books that included more than 500 recipes, he became best known for two dishes in particular: a zesty avocado on toast, which his cafe is often credited with being the first to serve, and scrambled eggs with luxuriously creamy curds.

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