DMCA Service

DMCA Service

The emergence of the work is sufficient for the emergence and onylfans protection of this right. In this context, after the work is revealed, self-protection is provided on the work. So there is no need for any registration process. However, it is easier for the owner of the work or the persons who can be described as the owner of the work, to prove that the work is their own and to carry out the registration procedures in order to DMCA takedown service the work more healthily. The registration procedures that can be carried out are as follows;
1-Optional Registration-Registration; In order to carry out this process, the owners of the work, persons who can be qualified as the owner of the work, their heirs or proxies, together with the obligatory documents and works, make their applications to the General Directorate of Copyrights in person or by mail.
2-Mandatory Registration-Registration; In our law, it is obligatory to register and register computer games, music and cinema works before they are put on the market.

3- Documents of Entitlement Issued or Approved by Notary Public; It is the case when the owner of the work declares that all rights on the work belong to him, and a document regarding the right ownership is obtained as a result of the notary arrangement and approval of the copyright in question.

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